How to Choose the Best Conference Venue For Your Event

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It might be a daunting task to have to make the decision about the best conference room for your upcoming event but by the time you finish reading this you'll discover that was actually quite fun.

Before we get down to the step-by-step process of making your choice from the hundreds of conference venues you have available to you, let's have a look at some of the important issues you'll need to keep in mind when implementing your choices.

You will have already decided on the type of venue that you will need by taking into account the numbers of attendees and the sizes of rooms you will need to use. Size of venue is one of the important decisions you need to make early on but you will also have to visit the venue to make sure it is suitable.

Narrowing down your venues is much easier once you have conducted an on-site inspection. You will know whether it has the right feel for your particular event and organization, and whether your management team will be happy with the selection.

It is better to end up with a choice of two or three venues to take to your management team after you have done all of the preliminary work.

So now let's take a look at the blueprint you will need to follow.

* Calculate your budget. At the beginning you will need to allow for some flexibility here and ideally, you just need to set a maximum limit you can live within.

* Set your dates. This will be one of the parameters that will need to be pre-checked with your management team first, so that all participants can commit themselves to a definite date.

* Location. If your plan incorporates the flexibility to travel away from your business base, it may make your selection easier in terms of the range of facilities available, but you'll have to add another line to the budget to make sure you can conduct inspections before making a final decision.

* Make a list of the specific criteria your conference will need. This includes the size of the venue needed, access to various facilities and technical support, dietary needs and any other specialist service you require

* Image. If your organization is concerned about maintaining a certain standard, you will need to make sure all aspects of your chosen conference venue satisfies this need.

* Management checklist. It is common for the management team members to have their own personal preferences. Make sure you make a detailed list of these and try to incorporate as many of their desires as possible. This will make it easy for decisions to be made when the time comes to your final presentation.

With this clear set of guidelines in your mind you can set about the initial stages of choosing a venue with relative ease. Of course, the actual process will take time and a lot of effort and require you to pay attention to a great number of details.

But at the end of the day you can be confident that the conference venues you have chosen will fit the bill perfectly.

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How to Choose the Best Conference Venue For Your Event

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This article was published on 2010/04/18